Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food "Sensitivities"

It looks like poor Lulu is having "sensitivity" to some foods.  UGH. When we started solids with her, we weren't very careful in keeping track of what she was eating and did not follow the 3 day rule.  Bad mommy.  Really, it wasn't on my radar since things had gone fine with Cy, and there aren't any food allergies on either side of the families.

Well, a few weeks into solid eating, Lu slowly developed a pretty nasty rash on her face.  I initially thought it was due to drool (and imminent teething).  The rash kept getting worse, and spread to under her chin.  I still thought it was teething.  When she started to get a few spots on her arms, I thought maybe it wasn't teething. Duh.  In the interim, she was enjoying lots of yummy things: bananas, avocado, sweet potato, pears, peaches, even cherries.  Whoops. 

I took her to the doctor to have her checked, and she said she thought it was a sensitivity to something she was eating.  She advised that we stop ALL solids until the rash was healed.  Then she said to introduce one item at a time, waiting 5 to 6 days in between each.  Oh my.  I was pretty sure that the oatmeal cereal we were feeding to her was not the culprit, so I went against orders and continued the oatmeal while she healed. (Cortisone is amazing, by the way!)  The rash was gone in a few days, and I started with pears as her first trial food, assuming that this would be the least allergenic food to try.  WRONG.  I gave her the pears on Friday, and by Sunday the rash started to come back on her face.  Damn.  Who is actually allergic to pears?  

So, now we are waiting for this rash to heal before starting another food, but I'm concerned for my baby girl.  How can she have a "sensitivity" to pears?!?!?!  Odd.  I'm worried about what to start her on next.  Making it worse, one of the girls at daycare said her rash looked exactly like that of one of the older kids who has a TON of allergies.  I don't want this path for my little munchkin, but I guess it's out of my hands.  We will try sweet potatoes next, and are keeping our fingers crossed.  I suppose some Benadryl wouldn't be a bad thing to have on hand, either.  

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