Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 years

It's been three years since my son and I were hit by a car.  As pedestrians.  We are survivors.  We are strong.  I feel really emotional about this today....moreso than I thought I would.

Since that day, I strive to savor each day and to enjoy it all.  I don't always succeed.  Truthfully, I think as eye opening as an event like that is, it opens the eyes a little TOO wide.  Sometimes I am painfully aware that anything can happen to us and anytime.  Unexpectedly.  None of us are immune to that.  

I really hate the fact that there are some days that I live in fear.  Some days when Matt is 5 minutes late getting home from work, I start wondering what happened to him....fearing that ......well, the worst. I have come to know that opening up to great and deep love exposes you to the opportunity for great and deep loss.  At times like that, I try to remember to stay in the present and to soak it all in.  Enjoy life. 

So, on a day like this, when the reminder is really strong, I hug my kids extra tight, make sure to tell my husband how much I love him, and try to keep life in perspective.  

This is what it is all about: