Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Taking a look at yourself

I've taken on a challenge from someone I follow on Instagram (cuchira, who is really motivational and fantastic) to spend each day of October in reflection of our own inner beauty, to work on our spiritual selves, to let fear take a back seat and stop keeping things bottled let our inner bad ass shine.  I probably won't do the video portion, but will write my reflections here.

What do you see when you look at yourself, when you take the time to sit quietly and look inwardly at your true self? Maybe this is the start of how you meditate....something I've never been quite good at.  Free yourself of the chatter that rises about physical flaws, about the "shoulds", about comparisons....and really look into your eyes and see yourself for who you are.  This is the beginning of the journey, maybe you use a mirror to gaze into your own eyes until you feel comfortable enough to not need that, and just "see" who are you.  Then embrace yourself and know that you are beautiful, you are a unique person who has qualities that are lovable, you are an amazing creature.  Let yourself fill with wonder and get to know this inner part of yourself so well that you can never question it, feel comfortable with your own wonderfulness and you will set yourself free. Treat yourself with curiosity and kindness, LOVE yourself, nurture your feelings.
Make the choice everyday to be the best that you can ("best" totally varies from day to day, and that is OKAY!!).  

These are the things I tell myself when I am feeling on top of the world, and it is easy to do during those times, but it is more important when I am low and not feeling so great.  It is so much harder to attain when the negative chatter is loud and when I am filled with self doubt.  I know that positive thinking breeds more positive feeling, and I am trying so very hard to maintain that. It takes work.  Even saying that makes me wonder why it should take so much work to love myself. I know that I am a good person, a lovable person and I need to hold onto is my best protection against things in this world that make me feel otherwise.  I have the courage and strength to do that, I just have to remind myself of it more on some days.