Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catching up...the cliff note version

So, it seems like I spend more time here when I'm tired, miserable, grumpy....or HAPPY!
Not much of the in-between.  Guess "normal" isn't always terribly exciting.  Usually things slow down over the summer, and there is so much more time to think, contemplate, write...but not so much this year.  I'll recap with some quick things, and try to do better about spending some more time here ;)

The kids are growing like weeds.  I love them to bunches and am really enjoying time with them.  The more time I enjoy, the less time I document...then the more inadequate I feel.  Insert viscious cycle.  Bleck.  I'm really trying to find the balance between "this is fun!" and "this is fun, take a picture, post to Facebook!".

Cy turned 5 (!?!?!) and Matt turned 40.  We had an awesome party at the house (complete with a very huge pig roast) and it was wildly successful.  One of the best parties.  If I was getting married again, I would totally have a pig roast for it.  SO MUCH FUN.  There was a bouncy house and tons of kids running around (getting dirty, drinking juice boxes, and plunging faces into cupcakes).  When everything calmed down at night, we got a fire going in the pit, opened up whatever wine and beer was left, and just enjoyed ourselves. The next morning was sponsored by ADVIL.  Yikes.  But, so worth it.

(yes, you will, my boy)

Lulu is continuing to grow into mini Me. She is such a mama's girl, and loves to help.  Raising a girl is infinitely different that it was with the boy.  (There is plenty of good and bad with this).  She's stuck to me like glue most of the time.  Which I love (and hate sometimes, too).

Summer has been hot but awesome so far.  We've been spending a ton of time at the lake.  Lu hangs with me, but is loving jumping from the docks into the water.  Cy is a fish, and could spend all day there.  I love being there with them, and I feel like this is where the memories that I remember when I really old will come from.  I've felt that ever since I started taking Cy there.  Its just magic.

The bathroom remodel is underway.  Holy cow.  It is going to be amazing.  Living through it is actually manageable, but not ideal.  At least we have the half bath downstairs.  Traveling to the gym in the morning is less of a pain than I thought it would be.  I kind of enjoy the dedicated quiet time to myself....but not enough to continue after the bathroom is completed.

I completed a Whole30 in May (another post to follow on this...I've started a draft) (Okay...I've started like 12 drafts, but plan to actually finish that one).  It was AMAZING.  I really can't say enough great things about it.  It has completely changed my relationship with food.

Hold onto this. 
Remember how good it feels.
Learn to pull on these memories when feeling stressed.

Okay.  I have no more time to keep typing.
Look for my Whole30 wrapup soon!!