Friday, March 18, 2011

Time is slipping by

When I was growing up, we moved slot. My dad was in the army. I don't have any friends that I've known since "forever". I'm okay with this. I actually really liked my childhood.

Today, I had a huge realization of why people stay in one place.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I took my son to the lake we have in our town. The same lake I had taken him to last year. We built memories. I could vividly "see" him there last year, and could compare it to him today. Being in that same space seemed magical. I can envision taking him there every year of his life. When he is older, or I am older, I can envision going to this place to remember all of the fun we've had there together.

There was nothing extraordinary about our visit today. Some throwing of rocks into the water, some walking in the sand hand in hand, some climbing into the lifeguards chair together, and some "soaking in the sun" together. Simple, yet perfect. If I could live today over and over again, I would. The realization that these days pass us by too quickly makes me sad, but reminds me to cherish them even more.

Children really are magical, and I feel so lucky that mine is showing me how enjoyable our life really is!