Thursday, June 7, 2012

My leg hurts!

Ever since Cy could talk, he's been using the phrase "my leg hurts" to get attention.  When he first started doing it, we didn't make the connection, but the more it happened, it became more clear.  When the pain would migrate from leg to leg during the same complaining session, we knew!  There have been many occasions, but the one that sticks in my memory clearly was the time I was making dinner, and he wanted me to play with him instead.  He cried and complained about his leg for almost 20 minutes.  It's really quite a manipulative move for him to have learned so early.

He hasn't done this for a while, so when he cried out at 11pm last night, it caught me off guard.  He was sobbing and telling me that his leg hurt.  The poor thing.  It really does tear at my heartstrings, and I wish there were a way to tell if something was really wrong with him.  I sat and rubbed his leg for a few minutes, and told him to try to go back to sleep.  I'm pretty confident that nothing was wrong with his leg, and I guess we might not ever know....but I really wish he wouldn't do that during the night!

In other news, Lu did great last night.  She only woke up once to eat, and didn't get "stuck" from rolling over.

Seems like when one kid sleeps well, the other one doesn't.  I can't win. I really need a good night's sleep soon.

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