Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A fun birthday party

My oldest is 4 years old.  You don't even have to ask him...it's the first thing he will tell you when you meet him.  He loves being "old".  Ha!  Since his birthday was on Thursday, and his party was on Sunday, he thought he turned 5 on Sunday.  Slow down, fella!  You have another year to go!

The birthday party for Cy was great!

Even the little one had fun for part of the party (even though she was sick and needed breathing treatments the next day!)

The bouncy house was a hit!  My husband made a good call on that one!!

Cy was in his element.  Being the center of attention is no problem for him.  He especially liked playing with the "big boys" (ages 7-10).  Water guns and frisbees...fun times.

Another gratuitous baby picture.  How is she so sweet?  

Happy birthday to you, Cyrus.  May your years be filled with happiness and delight.  May you always feel the excitement in everyday joys that you do today.

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