Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm having a very strange day

This morning started out very normally.  Cy was awake at 5:30am and wanted to play.  Of course.  Its only a Saturday...why would a toddler want to sleep in?  I was able to get him to lay in bed with us until 6, but then I heard this " I want a waffle, and juice, and a vitamin".  Um, okay...sleeping time is obviously over.

We're still dealing with the daily Pooping in the Pants.  Since he didn't poop yesterday (bonus for me), I knew there would be something coming today.  We were going to a friend's house for playgroup, so I gave him this decision:
1- Wear pullups and poop as needed.  No repercussions.
2- Wear underwear and poop on the toilet.  If poop happens in the pants, the trains would be dismantled for the entire day.
He decided underwear.  Great.
And then he pooped on the toilet DURING playgroup.  What?  Okay.  I'll take it.  But, strange.  This is the ultimatum I should have started with a month ago!

Skip to grocery shopping.  I started shopping quite normally.  I was on a semi-tight time budget since I had a haircut scheduled for 4pm.  Half way through shopping, I was looking for the perfect apple, and some lady walked off with my cart.  No problem....this kind of thing happens all of the time, right?  Well, I said, "Excuse me, I think you have my cart", and psycho shopper lady says (quite straight faced), "No, this is mine".
Now, the darned cart was halfway filled with groceries that I had already picked out.  It contained my reuseable bags.  It had MY handwritten list.  MY LIST.  MY handwriting.  I tried again, and said I was pretty sure that it was mine.  Nope, she looked at me like I was crazy, and walked away.  AND SHE CONTINUED SHOPPING USING MY LIST.  What?!?!?!
I didn't want to further confront this obviously crazy person, so I got another cart and started to re-shop.  Without a list.  OMG.  What a disaster.

But, I made it home in time to unpack the groceries and go to get my haircut.  Cool.  I was anticipating that this would be the best part of my day.  NOPE.
My stylist totally skipped the 10 minute chair massage that they are supposed to start with.  Bummer.  She totally acts like she doesn't recognize me.  She barely makes any conversation.  OK.  Fine, we all have off days.  Then, she cuts a chunk of hair on the front/side of my face that makes it look bad.  I asked her to fix it, and SHE MADE IT SHORTER.  Oh my. This made it look worse.  Now its totally weird looking, and I'm not happy.
She says, "Oh, I see what part you don't like, and I totally agree...but that's just how your hair lays".

I think I'm on the planet Weirdo today.  I'm hoping a good night's sleep will help me to start tomorrow with a fresh perspective and keep the weirdos away from me.
Or maybe its me?  Yikes.


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