Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Drama!

I'm not sure what is behind my son's latest antics, but they are quite dramatic!
I can't even pinpoint when it started, because it was subtle....but he has started to say "my leg hurts" when he either wants attention or wants to divert attention. What the heck?

It seemed to begin innocently during meal preparation time.  I would be trying to get dinner together while he played in the next room, and he runs into the kitchen and says "my leg hurts".  So I stop, take a look, and determine that nothing is wrong.  He sometimes requests a BooBoo Buddy, sometimes requests that I play with him, but most times moves along.

On a few occasions, he cries while grabbing his leg and saying that it hurts.  Usually after some hugging and re-assurance, he calms down.  Problem averted.

He will even say it sometimes in very casual conversation.....like at Thanksgiving when I was sitting at the table talking with family.  He walked up to me and calmly said, "My leg hurts.  Come play with me."  Everyone looked at me funny, and I just told them he says that when he wants attention.  Mother of the year, baby.

Skip to last night.  Oh my.  This kid was fine.  Really fine.  I said it was time for dinner, and he ran into the kitchen.  When he saw the plate of noodles (the kind he loves), he screamed, "No want those noodles, my leg hurts!!".  He started crying hysterically.  Out of control.   Huge tears, red-faced sobbing.  We tried the BooBoo Buddy.  No.  I hugged him, asked him to show me where it hurt.  He pointed to his knee.  I asked him to sit at the table, HE LIMPED to the table while continuing to cry hysterically for 15 to 20 minutes.  Nothing worked....until I asked him if some chocolate milk would help his leg.  STOP.  what? chocolate milk?  YES.  Crying stopped.  Leg is better.  Milk was drunk.  Noodles were eaten.

What the hell?  Seriously kid.  You confuse me.  I don't know where this came from, but I hope it stops soon.   It tears at my heartstrings to think you might be in pain, but it really pisses me off to think you are doing this for attention.  I don't think we could lavish more attention on you if we tried.

Matt says we should ignore it.  But what if it really does hurt?  Is this crazy?  Why would he limp? It really is never boring at our house. 


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