Friday, April 16, 2010

Its been a long week

I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself not to be so self absorbed lately...there ARE other people around me living their lives as well.  Its not working very well.  I feel like I'm getting very caught up in my own days and dealings, and having a rather self-focused view of the world.  

The week started off on Sunday with the delivery of my new washer (to replace the one that was flooded by the rain).  Nothing like starting the week with a couple of loads of laundry, right?  ;)
Then I had the impending appointment with the surgeon for my wrist, which put me on edge for Monday and Tuesday.  Not to mention that my kid seemed to be extra cranky every night this week.  Why don't they save it for when their parents can be a little more tolerant?  There were at least 3 occasions that I yelled out to my husband "this is why you are only getting one of these!".  He might be getting the picture that I'm not kidding about this.

When I met with the surgeon, he determined that I would, indeed, need surgery on my wrist to fix it.  However, the x-ray's aren't giving him enough detail, so I need a CT scan to determine WHICH surgery I will get.  It will either be a screw put into the bone pieces or a bone graft, depending on what he sees in the scan. I saw him in Wednesday, and he indicated that the scan should be done in 1 to 2 days.  Swell.  I work from home on Fridays, so it is easier for me to do miscellaneous things on that day anyway.  It is lunchtime on Friday, and no scan has been scheduled yet.  Now I have never worked in a medical office before, but I don't understand why it is taking SO long to schedule this damn scan.  I am also not a very patient person, so that doesn't help.  Apparently, the doctor needs to write an "office note" (whatever THAT is), fax it over to the car insurance, get some kind of approval notice, then schedule the exam.  (As an aside:  Is Obama's plan going to streamline this process?  ....but I won't open that can of worms here). seems like I will have to make the trip to this place twice next week, which is not very convenient for me, but the doctor's office staff doesn't seem to care about convenience.  UGH.  The other annoying fact is that the car insurance is finished paying for medical care since their maximum has been I don't understand why they have to sign off on the procedure.  

The worst part of that doctor's visit was that he took off my cast.  Sounds like a positive, doesn't it?  I thought so at the time as well.  I was really excited when he asked me if I wanted to take it off. He said that since my wrist isn't healing, I couldn't do much more to damage it, and since I was having surgery anyway, that I could wear a soft splint until that time. GREAT!  Not so much.  Now I'm in constant pain that I didn't have before.  I bump it, my kid bumps it, and it is quite useless.  The cast gave it stability so that I could use the hand.  The wrist is more vulnerable now and I'm finding the soft splint is hindering activities more than the cast did because of the pain.  I just can't win lately.

On top of it all....crankiness, pain, and stress is going to be rainy ALL weekend.  This ensures that my kid will be a not-so-happy camper.  Now, do I schedule "fun" things for him to do (like the children's museum or an indoor playspace) or do I suck it up and prepare for a really long couple of days?  Hmmmm.  Either one of them is kinda miserable for me, cause I know all of those "indoor" places for kids will be wall to wall packed and full of swine flu, strep, and other various microorganisms.  Sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Oh, and did I mention that we are turning the crib into the toddler bed tonight?  Last weekend, my son had one leg over the top of the crib, which indicates that he might be able to either get out soon or hurt himself very badly soon.  So, I bought a gate to put at his bedroom doorway, and we let him try out the toddler bed.  I have a feeling this isn't going to go so well if he is able to roam around his room on his own, but you never know.

Guess I'm sounding like a real joy to be around, huh?  I actually am not too much fun right now.  I'm trying.  Well, maybe I'm not.  I'm not sure.  I'm lucky that I have a really awesome husband that has a large capacity for putting up with my crap. 


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