Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing the door on 2010

Dear 2010,
I didn't like you. You've had some really nice highlights, but for the most part, I'm really glad to see you go. I have high hopes for your successor!
Although you were not great to me, you've taught me some things that I'd like to remember:

1- Family is the most important thing. Nothing can bring you more happiness. Place the ones you love at the top of your priority list, and all will be good in your life.

2- Cherish every moment you spend with your children. Life is not always fair, and bad things happen. Never be in a position to look back in time and wish you would have spent more time with them.

3- Minimize. Less is more. When you spend less time focusing on "things" that make you happy, you will find what truly makes you happy.

4- On a lighter note, I've also learned that Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara is not available in the US anymore. This totally bums me out. Best. Mascara. Ever.

So, I don't know how many people actually read this, but I wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

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