Monday, March 29, 2010

Enough already

I'm having one of "those" days.  I should have known that right from the start, it was going to be miserable.  When the alarm went off, I innocently thought "now why is my alarm going off on a Sunday?"  Um, yeah.  Its Monday. 

So, its raining, and will be doing THAT all week (at least until Thursday).  Little buddy kicked both shoes off on the way to daycare, so as I put them back on, my bum hung out the door and got rained on.  Yuck.

In the afternoon, I got a call from the lovely insurance case worker (aren't they all so lovely) asking me how my wrist was feeling.  LIKE YOU CARE!!  He wanted to know if it was feeling better and if I thought the cast would come off at my appointment next week.  Um....I  DON'T know!  I do know that my wrist still hurts and that I have to take Advil everyday.  I'll be sure to update you after the X-RAY.  That's how we know when bones are broken.  Then he happened to mention that the car rental was only approved through to my appointment next week.  Thanks.  I don't intend to run off with your car.  I actually prefer my OWN car, I just can't drive it at the moment.

Then the lady from Enterprise calls.  Wants to know if my rental is okay, and to remind me that it is approved through insurance until next Monday.  Yep, got it.  She says she notices that my car was a "total loss" and asked if she could put me in touch with their sales department to help me buy a new one.  I said there must be some mistake, since I wasn't IN my car during the time of the accident.  She responds, "Oh, what is the name of the shop that its in?".  I growled, "I WASN'T IN MY CAR DURING THE ACCIDENT!".  GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  What is with people?  Why call me if you aren't going to listen to the words that I am saying?  Ugh.

So, I hope it gets better today.  I'm not sure why I'm so aggravated today, but maybe a very big hug from my very little buddy will help.  If not, there's always the "beer with dinner" route.


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