Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue's Clues

What is it with this show?  My little guy LOVES it.  He has really liked it for a while now, but he is SERIOUSLY into it now.

He walks around carrying his "notebook", where he must have a crayon to insert into the spiral.  He loves the mailbox, and bounces around letters while trying to sing that silly song about the mail.  He has even started trying to "ska-doo".  Its hilarious!  He hasn't had any "comfort items" up until this point, but now he even sleeps with his notebook.  So cute.

I'm feeding into the frenzy, and have stocked up on his "favorite" notebook.  When I run out of them...I don't know what I'll do.  Maybe he'll be out of this phase by then....or maybe I'll just be the worst mom ever. 

My boy has a preference for the character Joe, and I can't figure out why. Steve is clearly the cooler of the two.  Besides, Joe's real name is Donovon, which makes him a fraud in my book.  Kids can say Donovan, or Don!  Steve's real name is Steve, and that seems more real to me.

He likes the epidsode called "Big Band" and watches it every morning.  (Okay, you're not supposed to let your kid watch TV before the age of 2 ....but he's really close....and for crying out loud, 20 minutes of quiet is necessary for a mother's sanity!)  He laughs and claps at the exact same spot every time.

My conclusion is that it seems like whatever it is that our children are drawn to, or have the latest obsession about, becomes an obsession for the parent as well.  Why should I care if Joe's real name is Don? Why should I know the Mail song?  Why should I know how to Ska-doo?!?!?!  (I DO care if he loses his notebook, since it culminates in a lot of screaming).  As important as our kids are to us, the things that are important to them are important to us, too.  Maybe this changes over time, and somebody beat me with a stick if I turn into one of those wacko yelling parents at sports events, but for now, I like that we can bond over this silly little show. 



  1. have you bought him any of the "real" Blues Clues notebooks, etc.? the toys are GREAT too. Steve ROCKS!

  2. Nope, I'm too cheap....the $2 notebook from Target works for now! ;) I'm sure if this keeps up, we'll take a look at the toys!