Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its been awhile

I have not dropped off the face of the earth.  I haven't been blogging...I've been living.  Living well, I might add!

The Summer was busy, and fun!  I soaked it in and enjoyed every minute of it.  I will  try to remember those days when we are covered in snow.

My son finally found his "groove", so to speak.  All of the aggressive behaviors (biting, hitting, etc) that we endured for 6 months seemed to go away when he turned two.  Odd?  Not sure on this one, but I will take it.  Once he turned two, he seemed to mellow.  Whew.  Big sigh of relief. (OK, he's still a two year old....and definitely has his moments) I really love this age.  He is a handful, but so much fun.

We spent the summer together riding bikes, swimming, running, jumping, and throwing balls into trees (he thinks its really funny when they get stuck).  Can someone tell me when he turned into a little boy?  Its amazing how fast time flies.

Now that the Fall has crept in, we are slowing down.  Its nice.  I love this time of year.  The crispness in the air makes me smile.  I love an excuse to throw on a sweater!  Cozy. 
Cy has turned his attentions to trains.  He loves toot them along the tracks and move the "freight cars".  I am hoping this hobby keeps his attention long enough to help us make it through the long days of "inside weather" that the winter will bring.  (I'm dreading winter, again, as usual!).

So, maybe I will try to get back to regular writing again. Thanks for reading.
(Thanks for the reminder, Paula!)

Be well.

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